Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, August 4
7:30 P.M.: Prayer meeting at Cypress meeting hall
Thursday, August 6
9:00 A.M.: Sisters’ prayer meeting
Saturday, August 8
7:30 A.M.: Corporate fellowship and prayer
8:00 A.M.: Cleaning meeting hall according to group
Lord’s Day, August 9
9:30 A.M.: Lord’s Table followed by prophesying
9:30 A.M.: Children’s meeting

Holy Word for Morning Revival
The Recovery of the Priesthood
Week 5: The Two Orders of the Priesthood

Daily Reading of the Holy Bible, Recovery Version with Footnotes
Week #78
Lord’s Day: Isa. 34:1-17
Monday: Isa. 35:1-10
Tuesday: Isa. 36:1-22
Wednesday: Isa. 37:1-38
Thursday: Isa. 38:1—39:8
Friday: Isa. 40:1-31
Saturday: Isa. 41:1-29

Life-study Reading
The reading: Life-Study Of Exodus
Messages 85 and 86

Summer Family Camp
On August 6th through 8th, the church in Anaheim will be having a Summer Family Camp for children and families. If you have a child currently in kindergarten through 5thgrade, please set aside these dates and join us with your entire family during the times listed below. This is a unique opportunity to care for our children as families that compose the household of God, in a sanctified atmosphere where we will eat together, sing together, and participate in various activities designed for the entire family.
Thursday, August 6th:
6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. – 1900/1916 W. Ball Rd.
Friday, August 7th
6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. – 1900/1916 W. Ball Rd.
Saturday August 8th
4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. – Chaparral Park (1770 West Broadway Ave.)
Registration is required; Please register as soon as possible for planning purposes.

Young Adults Fellowship
On Wednesday evening, August 12, there will be a special fellowship with Brother Ron Kangas at the District 2 meeting hall, 1916 W. Ball Rd., 7:00—8:45 PM, for all the young adults in the church in Anaheim and Cypress.

The church in Anaheim Perfecting Conference originally scheduled for August 1-2 for the churches in Anaheim and Cypresss has been changed to September 12-13.