Meeting Schedule
Tuesday, March 22
7:30 P.M.: Prayer meeting at Cypress meeting hall
Wednesday, March 23
7:30 P.M.: Ministry meeting at the Ministry Conference Center
Thursday, March 24
9:00 A.M.: Sisters’ prayer meeting
Saturday, March 26
8:00 A.M.: Cleaning meeting hall according to group
Lord’s Day, March 27
9:30 A.M.: Lord’s Table followed by prophesying
9:30 A.M.: Children’s meeting
12:00 P.M: Love feast

Holy Word for Morning Revival
Crystallization-Study of Exodus
Week 26: The Expiation Cover—the Propitiation Place

Daily Reading of the Holy Bible, Recovery Version with Footnotes
Week #6
Lord’s Day: Matt. 15:21-31
Monday: Matt. 15:32-39
Tuesday: Matt. 16:1-12
Wednesday: Matt. 16:13-20
Thursday: Matt. 16:21-28
Friday: Matt. 17:1-13
Saturday: Matt. 17:14-27

Life-study Reading
The reading: Life-Study Of Exodus
Messages 149 and 150
Message 149: Because the incense altar is in the center of the tabernacle, which signifies the incarnated God, to be at this altar is to be in the incarnated God. Whenever we pray we should experientially be in God, and simultaneously, He should be in us. When we pray, we should offer incense to God. This means that we should pray in God, we should pray with God within us as our energizing supply, and we should pray with Christ as the incense. Then we shall burn incense to God. If we have this view concerning prayer, our prayer life will be revolutionized.
Message 150: In their experience many Christians have only one altar, the first altar, the offering altar in the outer court. This means that they have the cross, but they do not have the incense altar. In our experience we need both altars. If we are to have a proper prayer life, we must also offer Christ to God as incense. Furthermore, it is very important for us to see that this kind of prayer is linked to the crucified Christ. If we have this kind of prayer, we shall be able to live a life that motivates God’s move. May our eyes be opened to see it.

College Conference
Information concerning and registration for the spring college conference, which will be held at the Living Stream Ministry Conference Center on April 15-17, is now available at The subject of the conference is “The Divine Commission According to the Heavenly Vision.”