Meeting Schedule
Tuesday, April 5
7:30 P.M.: Prayer meeting at Cypress meeting hall
Wednesday, April 6
7:30 P.M.: Ministry meeting at the Ministry Conference Center
Thursday, April 7
9:00 A.M.: Sisters’ prayer meeting
Saturday, April 9
8:00 A.M.: Cleaning meeting hall according to group
Lord’s Day, April 10
9:30 A.M.: Lord’s Table followed by prophesying
9:30 A.M.: Children’s meeting
12:00 P.M: Love feasteeting

Holy Word for Morning Revival
Crystallization-Study of Exodus

  • Week 28: The Intrinsic Significance, Subjective Experience, and Organic Maintenance
    of the Golden Lampstand for a New Revival
  • Hymns #1226

Daily Reading of the Holy Bible, Recovery Version with Footnotes
Week #9 of reading through the New Testament
Lord’s Day: Matt.21:1-11
Monday: Matt. 21:12-22
Tuesday: Matt. 21:23-32
Wednesday: Matt. 21:33-46
Thursday: Matt. 22:1-22
Friday: Matt. 22:23-33
Saturday: Matt. 22:34-46

Life-study Reading
The reading: Life-Study Of Exodus
Messages 153 and 154

  • Message 153: From this message, we will see the propitiation silver. In order to have a thorough understanding of the propitiation silver, we should see five questions and their answers. What is the relation-ship between the incense altar and the propitiation silver? Why did the children of Israel need something further related to redemption when they had already been redeemed in Egypt? Why is the propitiation silver called a heave offering? Why, after the redemption of the children of Israel by the blood of the Passover lamb in Egypt, was something related to redemption portrayed by silver at Mount Sinai, as described in Chapter 30? Why was the Passover lamb for everyone, but the propitiation silver was only for males twenty years of age and upward?
  • Message 154: The prayer, the intercession, at the incense altar is for God’s move, and God’s move requires an army that can fight for His interests. In order for the army to be formed, a good number of God’s chosen people need to mature. And the formation of God’s army requires redemption. The natural man is not qualified to be drafted into His army. For this reason, there is the need of the ransom silver, the propitiation silver, a further requirement in addition to the blood of the Passover lamb.

College Conference
Information concerning and registration for the spring college conference, which will be held at the Living Stream Ministry Conference Center on April 15-17, is now available at The subject of the conference is “The Divine Commission According to the Heavenly Vision.”