Meeting Schedule
Tuesday, June 13
7:30 P.M.: Prayer meeting at Cypress meeting hall
Wednesday, June 14
7:30 P.M.: Ministry meeting at the Ministry Conference Center (MCC)
Thursday, June 15
6:00 P.M.: College meeting in homes
Saturday, June 17
8:00 A.M.: Hall cleaning by group (Kang and Matamoros)
Lord’s Day, June 18
9:30 A.M.~10:30 A.M.: Lord’s Table meeting
11:00 A.M.~12:00 P.M.: Prophesying meeting

Holy Word for Morning Revival
Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church – Week 4
– The Church in Pergamos

Daily Reading of the Holy Bible, Recovery Version with Footnotes
Week #71
Lord’s Day: Phil. 3:17~21
Monday: Phil. 4:1~9
Tuesday: Phil. 4:10~23
Wednesday: Col. 1:1~8
Thursday: Col. 1:9~13
Friday: Col. 1:14~23
Saturday: Col. 1:24~29

Ministry Book Reading
The Economy of God
Chapter 13: The Cross and the Soul-Life


Summer School of Truth
Summer School of Truth has begun and will continue through June 24. Please pray for this time. Cypress needs to provide dinner for the dinner on Wednesday, 6/14. Please see Sister Elaine Liu for details if you can help.

Summer Family Camp
On June 15~17 the church in Anaheim will be offering a Summer Family Program for the children and their families. If you have a child currently in kindergarten through 5th grade, please set aside these dates to join us with your whole family. This is a unique annual opportunity for the families to gather as God’s household to care for our children in a sanctified atmosphere where we will participate in activities designed for the entire family to eat, play, sing, and o a craft together. The location and times are:

1855 W. Ball Rd.          Thursday, June 15          6:00 P.M. ~ 9:00 P.M.
1855 W. Ball Rd.          Friday, June 16               6:00 P.M. ~ 9:00 P.M.
Chaparral Park           Saturday, June 17           3:00 P.M. ~ 7:30 P.M.
(1770 W. Broadway Ave.)

West Coast South College Training
Registration for the West Coast South College Training is now open. It will be held July 10~16 at Oak Glen. The cost is $350. Application and payment was to have been submitted by May 21. Please register online at If you have any question, please contact Chris Matamoros or Chris Roca.