Meeting Schedule
Tuesday: July 25
7:30 P.M.: Prayer meeting in the fellowship hall
Wednesday: July 26
No ministry meeting at Ministry Conference Center
Saturday: July 29
Meeting hall cleaning according to groups:  Flavio and Cerda
Lord’s Day: July 30
9:30 A.M.~10:15 A.M.: Lord’s Table meeting
11:00 A.M.~12:00 P.M.: Prophesying meeting
9:30 A.M.~12:00 P.M.: Children’s service
12:00 P.M.: Love feast

Holy Word for Morning Revival
Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church – Week 9
The New Jerusalem—the Consummation of the Central Vision of God’s Economy and the High Peak of the Divine Revelation through the Overcomers, Who Return to the Orthodoxy of the Church

Daily Reading of the Holy Bible, Recovery Version with Footnotes
Week #78
Lord’s Day: Philem. 1~11
Monday: Philem. 12~25
Tuesday: Heb. 1:1~2
Wednesday: Heb. 1:3~5
Thursday: Heb. 1:6~14
Friday: Heb. 2:1~9
Saturday: Heb. 2:10~18

Ministry Book Reading
The Economy of God
Chapter 18: The Exercise of and the Entrance into the Spirit

The following questions may facilitate your reading and fellowship:
1. What are the three parts of man and how do these relate to the three parts of the tabernacle? (Hint: p.155—”Bear in mind…”)
2. What is the experience of the altar? (Hint: p. 156—“When we receive the Lord Jesus…”)
3. What is the experience of the first veil? (Hint: pp.158~159—“In so doing…” & “At this point…”)
4. What is the experience of the second veil? (Hint: pp.159~161—”But still…” and pp.160~161—”But this is not…” & “Again, we must point…”)

Blending Conference Audios
Audio recordings of the Southern California Blending Conference are available at:

Working Saints Conference
Friday (9/22) ~ Lord’s Day (9/24)
There will be a working saints conference on September 22~24. The first meeting will be in Anaheim on Friday (9/22), and the remaining meetings will be in Oak Glen on Saturday (9/23) and Lord’s Day (9/24). Please make a note of this time in your calendar. Registration information is forthcoming.

Continuing Steadfastly in the Prayers
1. For the review and re-speaking of the messages released during the summer training.
2. For the perfecting and training of the 103 emigration trainees.
3. For the completing of the Polish Recovery Version.
4. To build up the daily habit of sowing literature (i.e. tracts) especially to our acquaintances—our warm door, our friends, relatives and neighbors.
5. For Brother Mark Kim’s recovery.