Colossians 3:16 indicates that we need to exercise to speak the word of Christ to one another. It is very good for the members of a family to speak the word of Christ to one another. We have to build up a habit of speaking the word of the Lord. This will enable us to render some help to the meetings. If speaking the word becomes our habit, we will speak in the meetings and the meetings will be greatly enriched….To change our habit is not so easy. We need to build up the habit of speaking the word of the Lord until it becomes easy for us to speak.

A person cannot live without talking. The more we talk, the healthier we will be. Talking makes people healthy and happy. To keep ourselves quiet all the time is to choke ourselves, and to talk is to release ourselves. I am…encouraging you to…to talk with the living word of the Lord. Then your entire spiritual being will be released. The more release you enjoy, the more growth you will have. You will grow by speaking the living word, which is the very embodiment of the Triune God, and you will enjoy what you speak. (The Scriptural Way to Meet and to Serve, Chapter 16)