Chapter 19—The Hidden Christ in Our Spirit

There was only one thing in the Holy of Holies—that was the Ark. All students of the Bible agree that the Ark is a type of Christ. Although Christ may be enjoyed [in the Holy Place] as our food, as our light, and as our sweet savor toward God, yet Christ Himself is in the Holy of Holies…We must not merely touch Christ as some item, but Christ Himself. This is deeper. We must make contact with Christ Himself. We have experi­enced Christ as our Passover and the washing of the Holy Spirit; then we have experienced Christ as life, as light, and as the sweet savor; now we have to contact Christ Himself. Very few Chris-tians have ever entered into the Holy of Holies in order to touch the Ark, which is Christ Himself.

It is quite meaningful to see that manna was in the Ark. It is not the open manna but the hidden manna; not the manna displayed but manna in the secret place. The hid-den manna, no doubt, corresponds with the bread of the Presence. The differ­ence, however, is this: the bread was shown forth, but the manna in the Ark was hidden. The bread was exhibited on the table, but the manna in the Ark was hidden in the golden pot. Not only was the manna hidden in the golden pot, but this pot was hidden in the Ark. It was doubly hidden. In the wilderness the people of Israel enjoyed the manna, but the manna that they enjoyed was public manna; it was manna fallen to the earth, not the manna hidden in the heavens. The hidden manna is Christ Himself.

We need to experience such a deeper Christ, a Christ in the secret place, a Christ in the heavenlies. This is the Christ mentioned in Hebrews 7, according to the order of Melchiz­edek—not according to the order of Aaron. Aaron was in the outer court, offering sacrifices upon the altar; Melchizedek is on the throne of grace in the heavenlies. (The Economy of God, pp. 167-168)