What is the top revelation in the holy Word? We know that the Bible has sixty-six books and that they were written over a period of at least sixteen hundred years. These sixty-six books cover a lot of things from eternity past to eternity future. They cover creation, salvation, and many other things. Bible students and Bible teachers have picked up a lot of subjects from the Bible, but we all have to see that the Body is the top point. Among all the thousands of words in the Bible, the Body should stand out to us. The biggest word in the Bible is the Body.

The most missed and neglected and lost point in the Bible is that the church is the Body of Christ….Besides [Christ’s] personal body, He has a mystical Body. (CWWL, 1980, vol. 1, “Perfecting Training,” pp. 249-250)

Each chapter of the book of Ephesians unveils the mystery of the Body of Christ as the organism of the Triune God from a particular point of view. Chapter 1 shows us that the Body of Christ is the issue of the dispensing of the Divine Trinity. Chapter 2 shows us that this Body is a masterpiece as the new man. In chapter 3 Paul unveils that we are supplied with the riches of Christ to be the fullness of the Triune God. In chapter 4 is the one Body built up by the one ministry. In Ephesians 5 Paul goes on to tell us something further concerning the Body of Christ from another angle or point of view….This chapter reveals the children of light for the preparation of the bride of Christ. The children of light and the bride of Christ are the two crucial matters in Ephesians 5. To be the children of light who walk in love and light is to be prepared to participate in the bride of Christ. (The Body of Christ, p. 46)