In order to experience Christ as our spiritual life, we must know Romans 8 according to its subject: the Triune God in His divine Trinity dispensed into the tripartite man. Christ first came into us to make our spirit life. Hallelujah! This is regeneration, and it occurs in an instant. Some say that three minutes is too short a time for someone to be regenerated. Actually, three minutes could be too long. When electricity is installed in a building, the electricians prepare the wiring inside, and these wires are connected to a long wire that runs from the power plant to the building. Once the installation is complete, all that is needed is to turn on the switch. It is the same in preaching the gospel. The preparation of the wiring is our presentation of the gospel to our gospel friend. You may say, “Sir, you were created by God as a vessel to contain Him. You are empty now without Him. God would like to come into you. Today He is Spirit. He is right here. If you open your mouth and say, ‘O Lord Jesus,’ believing in your heart that God raised Him from among the dead, He will get inside of you.” Once he follows you to say “O Lord Jesus,” he will be instantly regenerated. This is according to the truth of the gospel. In the denominations it may take three months or longer to regenerate one person. Then, to baptize him may take even a longer time.

Before going out to preach the gospel, we must be full of faith, believing in a thorough way. We must pray, exercising our faith with full assurance. Then when we go out, we have the divine electricity to impart Christ to people. This is not the mere preaching of the gospel but the impartation of Christ into people. Like the electrician who brings the electrical line into the building, we bring Christ into the lost ones. (Experience and Growth in Life, Chapter 7)