I.  We should not do a work merely among the children in the church; our work must include the children outside the church; this is the children’s gospel work—cf. Rom. 9:24:
A. Every children’s home meeting should frequently preach the gospel and invite their relatives and the children of their neighbors; even though some parents will not come, they will allow their children to come.
B. We believe that many people will be brought in through the children’s gospel work; the children’s meetings will open up a way to gain people, especially the parents of the other children.
C. We should not limit our work to the children of the saints who are in our meetings; we also need to invite the children of our neighbors and friends; furthermore, we hope that every home will be open for the gospel.

II.  If we continue the children’s work, we will be unable to estimate the long-term results; if we labor on the children, our numbers will continually grow—Acts 2:47. (Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life, Lesson 11)