Message Titles
Message 1: Basic Principles for the Practice of the Church Life
Message 2: The Church Life—a Life of Being Headed Up in Christ
Message 3: The Issue of Life—the Church Life as a House of Feasting for God’s Building
Message 4: Fellowship—the Reality of the Church Life
Message 5: The Scriptural Way to Meet and to Serve for the Building Up of the Body of Christ
Message 6: Practicing the Church Life in the Consciousness of the One New Man

In the real church life the service to the Lord is rendered,
the testimony of the Lord is seen, and the love toward the Lord
is poured out; this is the real expression of the Body of the Lord,
which is a vessel to contain the Lord and to express Him.

Fellowship—the circulation of the divine life in the Body
of Christ—is the reality of the church life,
and this circulation of the divine life brings
all the members of the Body of Christ into oneness.

In order to practice the scriptural way to meet and to serve for the building up of the Body of Christ, we need a revived living and a labor in shepherding that flow out from our love of the Lord.

The goal of the Lord’s recovery is to bring forth the one new man, and this requires that we practice the church life
in the consciousness of the one new man by taking Christ
as our person, being constituted with Christ,
and being renewed in the spirit of the mind.