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"...the church of God, which is in Cypress"

The burden to spread the church life to many localities in and around Orange County began early in 1976 through fellowship and prayer while many of us were meeting in the church in Anaheim. Under the ministry of brother Witness Lee and fellowship with the responsible brothers in the church in Anaheim, the young people were encouraged to go to the Lord to receive His feeling and direction concerning this burden to spread the testimony of Jesus to other cities nearby, especially those cities with a college or university. The Lord’s desire to preach the gospel on the college campuses was picked up by many of the believers in Southern California, and many students and families moved to university communities such as Fullerton, Irvine, Long Beach and Cypress.

By the summer of 1976 several young families and a few single brothers and sisters, mostly college age, began to seek the Lord and were led to pray for the students who attended Cypress College. A few families moved to Cypress beginning in October 1976, but continued to meet under the covering of the church in Anaheim for the Lord’s Day meeting and prayer meetings.

We began to contact students from Cypress College with the gospel by visiting the campus two evenings a week after the brothers got home from their jobs. Our wives would visit the campus to contact students during the day and some would take their small children with them. We began to open our homes in the evenings, mostly on the weekends, to students who were responding to the Lord through our visits to the campus.

Eventually, through fellowship with Lord and the church in Anaheim, we began to have our prayer meetings in Cypress. The students who wanted to have more contact with us requested to have a meeting on Lord’s Day in Cypress, so through more fellowship and prayer, we rented a classroom and began meeting on the campus of Cypress College. In May of 1977, through further fellowship with Brother Lee and the responsible brothers in the church in Anaheim, we began to meet as the church in Cypress.

For many years, the church meetings were held in rented public buildings but eventually we purchased a property for which we had been praying, located at 9512 Juanita St, across the street from Cypress College. We have been meeting at our present location since 1998. The church continued to grow, with the Lord adding new members mainly from the college campus. In 2005 we added a new meeting hall to accommodate the various needs of the church – including blending conferences, district meetings, and adequate facilities for our children and young people. Praise Him for His recovery and His present day move. We stand in one accord with all the churches on the earth.

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