Meeting Schedule

Dear saints meeting in the church in Cypress

Because of concerns over the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), group face-to-face gatherings in California are prohibited until further notice. In accord with this prohibition, the church in Cypress has made the following temporary modifications to our meeting schedule:

Prayer Meeting

Tuesday May 26: 7:30 p.m. Prayer meetings be held remotely by small group via videoconference or phone.

Small Groups

All small group meetings should meet remotely via videoconference or phone and not in person.

Lord's Day: May 31

The church in Cypress would like to gather the whole church together via Zoom on May 31, from 9:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. The information needed to connect to the meeting will be provided via email and text on Saturday May 30.

Continuing Steadfastly in the Prayers

We pray in the position of ascension, where we are seated with the Lord in the heavenlies.

  1. For the digestion of recent International Memorial Day Conference outlines.
  2. For the upcoming Summer 2020 Life Pursuit. That the students would actively develop their personal time with the Lord Jesus in the morning, hear and put into practice practical fellowship concerning college life, and learn how to share the gospel with our friends and family under shelter-in-place restrictions.
  3. That the Lord would strengthen the saints to take this opportunity of this pandemic to consider before the Lord their unsaved relatives, friends, neighbors classmates and colleagues and focus on 2 or 3 of them to pray for them by name persistently and contact them diligently with all wisdom for the advancement of His move on the earth.
  4. For all those in authority that they would have the wisdom concerning how to manage so many affairs in order that the saints could live a quiet and peaceful life and that there would be an atmosphere and opportunity for the gospel.

Ministry Book Reading

Ministry Digest. Each month there will be four lines with four messages each:

  1. History of the Lord’s Recovery
  2. Words for New Believers
  3. Maturing in Life
  4. The High Peak of the Divine Revelation

Announcement concerning the Conclusion of the 30-day Global Prayer and Our Continuation to Persevere in Prayer Both Individually and Corporately

On April 30 the first 30 days of global, round-the-clock prayer concluded. However, the co-workers decided to extend the prayer during the month of May. We strongly suggest taking the 30 suggested prayer burdens and praying through them again. Saints can still sign up for prayer slots at Unceasingly Pray. Daily emails will continue to be sent, and a portion of the ministry on intercessory prayer will be included in each email. A letter from the co-workers has been posted at

Co-workers’ Letter to All the Saints in All the Churches

On March 26, 2020, the co-workers in the Lord’s recovery issued a letter to the saints in all the churches in response to the current pandemic. Their letter has words of encouragement and direction for our exercise to be faithful to the Lord and His recovery in our present circumstance. The letter is posted on

Ministry and Blending, including Memorial Day Conference

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Living Stream Ministry has decided to modify the format for the upcoming 2020 International Memorial Day Blending Conference. The conference will no longer be held in Atlanta, GA. Instead, Living Stream Ministry will host this conference completely online. We also hope that through the help of the churches there could be online prophesying times by localities after each streamed message. Messages will be streamed in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Find here the announcement letter regarding the Memorial Day Conference.

Semiannual Training Registration

LSM and the church in Anaheim will conduct the upcoming semiannual training entirely by webcast from June 29 through July 4. In the next few days we will provide ways to register and pay for the training. Please watch the church's website for that information, which will also be disseminated through the group meetings. The deadline for registration will be June 7.