I Love the Lord

I am a believer in my forties who received the Lord 17 years ago. I have been in the local church for nine years. Although the time I have been in the local church is short, I would like to testify of one experience that I cherish.

When I first started meeting with the local church there were some things that I was not used to. One of them was saying, “Lord I love You.” When the believers got together they would boldly declare that they loved the Lord and say this during prayers.

In my marriage life it was not even easy for me to tell my wife that I loved her, and at times I was shy to do so. I thought that expressing my love by saying “ I love you” was something only young lovers did. At my age, how could I say that to the God I worshipped? However, on the other hand I envied the believers who had such a close relationship with the Lord. Seeing the condition of my heart, I did not have the boldness to say I love Him.

While I was going through this dilemma, a brother in the Lord helped me to express my love for the Lord. He prayed “Lord, even though our love toward You is not sufficient, we confess we love You.” Then in my heart I said “Oh, that’s right. Lord, when I look at myself I cannot say I love You, but isn’t there a small part in my heart which loves You? Lord, even though my love is lacking, I truly love You, and I want my love toward You to grow and go deeper.”

After that, I came to know that the Bible is about the universal romance between God and man (Song of Songs). Then my confession of love toward the Lord became sweeter.

I also saw that in Revelation 2:4, the Lord told the church in Ephesus to recover their first love. The first thing the Lord requires of us is not to toil and serve, but to love Him above everything else with the best love.

I thank the Lord for bringing me by His mercy and grace to the local church where there are many members who confess that they truly love the Lord

David Kang