My Most Reasonable Service

I was born of Christian parents and very early in my life I was dedicated to the Lord for His purpose. When I was nine years old the brooding Spirit was seeking me out and I received the Lord Jesus as my Savior. That was 43 years ago!

As the years progressed, so did the Lord in me. My heart always had a seeking for more of the Lord and as I grew older I began to search for more of the joy of my salvation, I wanted to know what it meant to be fully satisfied with Christ.

At 19 years of age I had a wonderful realization that it was my most reasonable service to give myself, without reservation, to my wonderful Lord. This was a marvelous consecration and the Lord continued to lead me to Himself.

In 1969, through the prayers of others and by the Lord’s mercy, I was brought to a meeting of the local church in Yorba Linda, California, where there was a level of enjoyment in the Lord that I had never tasted before in my Christian experience. From that memorable summer 30 years ago, I found a lasting and meaningful purpose for my life and my longing to know how fully satisfying Christ can be has been answered completely through my days here in the local church. I have never had one day of regret that I chose to give myself 100% to my Lord and King. I praise and worship Him for leading me to the local church in order that I might enjoy Him today.